The Training module is used to document meetings, training activities, and department events. Track all the preparations your department is taking to ensure a level of training and proficiency for personnel in a task or an operation.

Accomplish your training objectives without being lost in paperwork!

  • Record information including training method, hours, training subjects covered, sign-offs, instructors and designated safety officers.
  • In the event of an audit or investigation substantiate training with straightforwardness and confidence.
  • Keep the lesson plans, resources, and inventory used, in one location for easy reference.
  • Use Training checklists to ensure requirements are met.
  • FP2 is designed to be compliant with provincial training documentation requirements, including the Ontario Ministry of Labor.
  • Training information flows back to firefighter records creating detailed training histories for compensation reports and hours worked report (for federal tax credit tracking.)
  • Comparative reports simplify analysis.
  • Unique sign in sheets for attendance.

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