FP2 is a password-protected program. In addition to maintaining security and confidentiality, user passwords can be set up with specific permissions and access levels; allowing them to only see or change specific records. In each module you can control what actions are possible. You can also limit the user to specific stations and squads.

This ensures that each user only has access to the areas of the program they need for their responsibilities, and allows users from multiple stations or departments to use the program without seeing each other’s information.

To help you control these settings you can assign users to specific roles. Then you can decide if they deviate from that role in anyway.

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Modules that deal with department finances, invoicing and purchasing.


Modules that deal with records of the tasks or activities of the department.


Modules that deal with inter-office or external communication and reminders.


These modules are used for non-Fire Department purposes, like Bylaw infractions or Building Permits.


These modules do not fall into other categories, and include Dispatch and Operational Guidelines.


Modules that deal with staffing, training and staff pay.


Modules that relate to shift management, scheduling and coverage.


Modules that are usually lists of addresses, resources or materials.