Personnel records collect and display all attendance, certification and training information about each member. Information is collected from other modules where the personnel was active, and is organized centrally in their Personnel file.

  • Human resource management made simple!
  • Log SCBA usage, Driving history, Courses taken inside or outside the department and much more.
  • Linked Certification records provide reminders of required certifications for each person and make it easy to document that someone has completed required training.
  • Create personnel reminders to be automatically generated for expiry dates and other alerts.
  • 50+ Available Personnel reports makes gathering information for review simple and accessible

Also available for the Personnel module:

Attendance Scanning

This feature allows a department to use a card reader to document attendance.

  • Automated time stamped attendance system.
  • Ensure attendance records meet Labour standards by automatic documentation of attendance.
  • Attendance Scanning will automatically transfer sign-in data to the correct Incident Record or Meeting/Training Record which automatically flows to payroll in the Compensation Module.

Hazmat Exposure Reporting

This feature tracks personnel exposed to toxic materials, including the nature of the exposure, type of material and duration of exposure.

  • Hazmat Exposure records are kept protected and stored in the system permanently.
  • Helps promote occupational safety and health standards for First Responders who are at greater risk for Hazmat Exposures.
  • Automatically will record the exposure in the affected Personnel’s record, from the Incident or Training record where the exposure was documented

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