The FP2 Inventory module allows you to track inventory items, schedule, and record maintenance tasks, document item usage, attach inventory items to firefighters, and much more.

The optional Inventory Defects module allows you to create detailed repair records, and the Inventory Consumable module allows you to manage and track levels of consumable items.

Inventory integrates with Reminders, Incident reporting, Budgeting and Invoicing to create an integrated and convenient system for managing your Department’s equipment.

  • 9 Reports including ‘Order Now’ for consumables, ‘Inventory Item Checklist’ designed to facilitate truck and general inventory checks, and ‘Post Trip checklist’ customized to each apparatus, to be filled in after use.
  • Attach photos and other files to Inventory Records.
  • Perfect for Departments looking to streamline Inventory management.

Also available for the Inventory module:

Inventory Service Scanning

This feature provides you with a quick way to check in on any inventory item’s service schedule by manually entering or scanning the information with a scanner. This is a purchasable sub-module for the Inventory Module.

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