Ingenious Software is based in beautiful Nelson, BC. Originally created in Muskoka, Ontario, FP2 grew from a single department to a program that is used daily by Fire Departments across the country.

The people behind the product.

Part of what makes FP2 so great is the people behind the program!

Jeremy has been with Ingenious Software since 2007, and became a co-owner in 2013. He lives in Castlegar with his wife Taira and daughter Iris.

Jeremy was a cook, Alaskan tour guide, call center manager, banker, software trainer and volunteer firefighter before coming to work for Ingenious Software. He currently focuses his time on child, pet, lawn, property and business-care.

Lawson is Ingenious Software’s lead programmer.

Born in Winlaw (about a half hour outside Nelson), Lawson moved to Nelson in 2001. He lives with his daughter, Jade, who is quite a delight and keeps him quite busy! They have two fat cats who Lawson says obsess about empty food dishes.

In his spare time, he enjoys “geeking out” on the computer and checking out the latest books, comics, and movies. Cooking new things without recipes is also a hobby of his and he claims he’s successful most of the time! He describes himself generally as a stay at home kind of guy.

Before joining Ingenious Software, he did GIS consulting work, and also worked as a system administrator/GIS technician.

Zach has been Ingenious Software’s other programmer since 2019. Before starting at Ingenious Software, he worked in electronics manufacturing.

He grew up in Nelson and lives there with his partner Émile.

In his spare time he enjoys video games, chess, programming, and watching movies.

Cecelia joined ingenious Software in 2019 and provides Technical Support.

Born in Toronto, Cecelia has also lived in Victoria, Golden and Nelson BC as well as Red Deer, Alberta. Cecelia lives in Trail, BC with her four year old son Lincoln.

Cecelia has worked within Customer Service since she was thirteen, but has had an array of jobs including banking, management, retail, hair industry and oilfield.

Cecelia enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, biking, binge watching too much Netflix and cuddles from her cat!