Fire Department management is becoming more complicated every day. If you are like most officers, you are you spending more of your time on reporting, payroll, personnel documentation, and other clerical functions. With the current focus on liability and increasing job demands, both in the the variety and the sophistication of your department’s tasks, there is an increased need for expert fire department records management software. Add to this a tight budget, less clerical support, and older outmoded systems and your current methods may not be up to the task in today’s environment.
You need an approach that is simple, integrated, and that saves you time, while producing sophisticated reports and benefits. FP2 is a unified Management System for volunteer, composite, and full time Fire Departments. Developed in Canada for Canadian Departments, FP2 streamlines your administrative duties, while providing your management team the tools and information to make better, more timely decisions throughout your department, from prevention and preparedness to operations and finance.

FP2 is the most affordable management system in its class.

You can purchase specific configurations that are best suited to your requirements. This saves your department money, because you need only buy exactly what you can use. You can also add to the system at any time in the future as your budget allows and/or as your requirements change.

FP2 is fully customizable.

Our modules can be tweaked to allow you to enter your information in the way that works best for you. And you won’t find another system that is easier to learn and use. FP2 is a strong “stand-alone” system that can be networked to link stations and other offices. FP2 can be further customized to work with many other municipal programs, importing and exporting the necessary data. We ensure that FP2 is compatible with all provincial Fire Incident reporting systems.

Remote Inspections Technology

Ask about Remote Inspections Technology today! It’ll save you time tomorrow. Inspections are facilitated and tracked, helping you to prevent fires in the community. This remote inspections system can streamline the administrative side of fire inspecting, allowing you to conduct more inspections, or get on to your many other duties.


There are many pre-defined reports and you can also design your own using our easy to use custom reporting screens.

Built on Modules

FP2 is a Modular software system, allowing you to a build a system that does exactly what you need, without paying for features you won’t use. You can purchase one of our standard module packages, build your own customized system or add modules to a standard package to create a perfect fit.

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Service and Support

After more than 20 years supporting the needs of Canadian Fire Departments, FP2 Software knows how to make your records work for you, instead of the other way around. FP2 is easy to learn, easy to use, and we provide the best support available through our comprehensive Service Contract.

Service Contract Includes:

  • Unlimited phone, fax, and e-mail support.
  • All software updates, including new reports and features.
  • Constantly updated provincial reporting.
  • Training Credits to upgrade your skills or bring in new staff.
  • Regular tips, tricks and best practices for using FP2.

Case Studies

See what kind of FP2 Systems we put together for a number of fire departments.

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