The Incident Report Module is used to record detailed information about all emergency responses performed by the department, including canceled calls.

  • Custom Settings for Incidents has taken the procedures of hundreds of departments into consideration, creating flexibility in the system for how incidents are handled.
  • Incidents have been designed to match the specifications of the provincial jurisdiction that you are in. All information needed by your Fire Commissioner is included here, and if your jurisdiction allows for electronic submission of reports, that is also included with this module.
  • Alerts when Reports need review or further information entered with Incident Validation.
  • Document protection with Controlled Access.
  • Incident reports in FP2 can have associated records attached to them. Invoices, Post-Trip Checklists, Smoke Alarm Inspection Reports, Inventory Consumable records and much more – all referenced from the single Incident report, searchable and printable.
  • Include information about apparatus times, firefighter attendance, fire investigations, and much more.
  • Multitude of reports (40+) that provide statistics, graphs, spreadsheets, summaries, and lists- for detailed analysis of every facet of Incident reporting. Review and evaluate your department’s responses with reports that turn data into cohesive information.

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