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*Ingenious Software has been developing Fire Department record management software since 1991. FP2, our flagship product, is currently used by over 250 Fire Departments in seven provinces across Canada and Internationally. The program has evolved over the last 24 years with a focus on ease of use and flexibility. 

FP2 is highly customizable, can meet the reporting needs of Departments of varying size and composition, and is compliant with ALL provincial reporting requirements. 

The modular structure of FP2 ensures that it can meet those needs in an efficient, integrated and cost-effective way. We also provide extensive customization options and good scalability, allowing the program to grow seamlessly to meet the needs of your department.



To see a 3-minute presentation on FP2: Learn More About FP2

For additional information about the software, including module lists, testimonials and demo scheduling: Detailed Information about FP2

Fire Department Systems Management Software :: FP2  


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fire department administration software & school bus management software